Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trending: Evil Eye

The thought of someone watching you can be bit eerie yet exciting, well at least to me it is. Just a few items im loving at the moment with the ohh so creepy evil eye. Do you know whos watching you?

1. Evil eye dress: Nastygal
2. Eye Flats: Barbara Briones
3. Evil Eye Necklace: Custommade
4. All Seeing Eye Earings: Rositabonita
5. UNIF Psychic Poncho: Revolve clothing
6. Hologram Eye Glasses: eBay
7.Unique All Seeing Eye Bikini: Topshop


  1. nice collection!!!Shall we follow each other?

    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~ lol

    1. Thank you! Yes I shall follow back!